I am in charge of my own destiny.

I am the deciding factor in what happens.

I decide and I act - that's all it takes.

My life is shaped by the decisions I make.

Change begins with a decision.

It is only when action is taken that a decision becomes a real one.

When I act, I show commitment to the choices I've made. If I don't do something, I'll be stuck.

What I become is entirely up to me.

To make progress in any direction, I take action.

My decisions and actions determine who I will become.

I will decide.


1. Which version of myself do I want to be?

2. Which lifestyle would give me my best life ever?

3. What do I need to take action on?

4. What have I got to lose? What do I gain by holding on to now?

5. What's holding me back from making a decision? Is it worth it?

6. What are three things I've been putting off because I'm afraid of them?

7. Why am I taking so long to get started?

8. What is the smallest action I could take toward success?